Problems with my broker, cannot withdraw my money!! S.O.S HELP

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  1. Good morning everyone, first of all, excuse my English, I am using Google translator, I hope you understand what I mean, I will try to be as brief and clear as possible.

    Recently through an advertisement on Instagram, I came across a good advertisement in which they said to invest in AMAZON or a company of this type. after I left my phone and signed up for this ad, they called me within minutes. Blablabla, they told me I could start with a minimum of 250 euros. I started with this. We made a lot of money, they convinced me to invest more money, I don't want to say the figure, but more than 3,000 euros. I am ashamed to post this.

    Then by pure chance, I found a forum where they mention that this broker has no regulation, has no authorization and that they are possibly scammers. Of course, I was scared, and called my financial advisor to withdraw, with the excuse that I had a serious family emergency.

    He did not answer me, I tried to do the withdrawal myself, without success. I called him so many times and sent so many emails that I think I forced him to give me a reply. He tells me that it is not time to withdraw, then he tells me that the money has been sent, then he tells me that the company's accounting person is on vacation. in short, thousands of false excuses. And I can't withdraw. nothing. Not a single fucking penny. They are fucking scammers.

    My question here is, what can I do? Is there a way to withdraw?

    Broker name: go4rex
    forum where I found information:
  2. There's a sucker born every minute. Live and learn mate.
  3. you should just wait. it's because of these days news
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    I suggest you try the following proven method with your broker:

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    A similarly worded and structured message appeared on another trading forum 5 days ago, concerning the same issues - withdrawal problems, EU250, responding to an advert, investing in Amazon, communication problems etc. etc.

    But in that post the broker was named as OROTRADER.

    Would you like to comment on this very strange coincidence?
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    Looks like a scam to me. You should have dealt with a reputable broker at a minimum. Not likely, to see any of your monies.
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