Problems with IE7? Switch to AVANT

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by ssblack, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. ssblack


    Hi all,

    Just bought a new PC about a month ago and was doing fine until Windows updated me to IE7. At first it was still fine, blazing fast, but slowly began to deteriorate.

    Thanks to those who have posted regarding Avant Browser. I've switched to this and it's made all the difference in the world. I thought I was overrun with viruses but did multiple scans to figure out the problem and finally it came down to IE7.

    Avant - highly recommend!
  2. ssblack:

    Ditto... Thank you immensely!
    I downloaded Avant Browser and use it for the last couple of hours, it is very good.
    I seldom use Internet Explorer 7 for the reasons you gave and some more.
    99% of the time I use Firefox and on the tools menu I instructed to erase all cookies every time I close the browser. All day long i keep closing the browser and have clean computers for the last six months, I mean... no cookies, no spy ware, no worms... no problems.

    However, your tip about Avant came at the right time. Since I upgraded to Firefox 2.0 etc. I have difficulties with the tabs (closing) and specially unable to click and go to the HOME Page I always get error 702. Sometimes you are unable to click back since some mean sites or secure bank sites enslave you.
    If you or some one know how to get Firefox v. 1.5 etc I will appreciate it. I tried find it all over but unable, only version 2.0+ is available. Until I'm able to go back to Firefox 1.5 I will use Avant Browser. Once again, many thanks!
  3. Avant works more cleanly with IE6 than IE7 so uninstalling IE7 is a good idea if you can.

    The firefox 2.0 problems are surprising. Why not try a complete uninstall (then clean out the program and user directories just to be sure) and then reinstall.
  4. Thanks kiwi!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I downloaded 1.5. It makes my day.
    You are right 2.0 is much better, but in my case does not allow the HOME click without error. My home page is on Yahoo, very complex where I store hundreds of bookmarks, URLs etc. it is my VADEMECUM.
    By the way Avant allows HOME clicking without problem.
    Thanks to you all!