Problems with IB TWS

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Bobbel, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Bobbel



    I´m using the TWS as Data feed for the Software: “Metaserver RT 2.0 Pro for DDE” and an Excel sheet.
    I´m using it with an TWS Version that is older than around 4 months. If I upgrade the version to the new, last TWS Version it is not working anymore. Then the Metaserver and the excel sheet is not able anymore to receive the Data out of the TWS.
    So my questions:
    What has changed in the TWS around 4 months ago and what can I do to solve my problem?

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  2. def

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    try upgrading to the beta API.
  3. Bobbel


    Hello def,

    thanks for your answer,
    But I tried it allready with updating to the API beta version, it was not working too.

  4. Try uninstalling everything (tws and metaserver) and starting again. When I used to use it I found it pretty fussy and had to do some bizarre stuff to get ms going again after upgrades.