Problems with IB today?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by syd697, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. syd697


    Anyone else having problems with loading up TWS today? It boots up into a different configuration with no toolbars across the top. I can't even modify the settings because there's no toolbars to help. Plus, I can't get any data to stream in either. Anyone?
  2. RL8093


    Wow! Never seen a post like this before. :p Seems that people have more success w/ ET as tech support than using the ones 'employed' by IB.... (probably have shorter wait times) [​IMG]

    As an aside, the bipolar distribution of ET contributors on IB topics continues to retain its entertainment value... :D :D :D

  3. TOM134


    I was going to open an account with IB - BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!

    WOW, am I glad I'm a member of ET - saved me a whole lot of aggravation AND $!!!!!
  4. mwerbe


    I had the same problem, the tech told me to restore to file an older incarnation of tws when it was working okay. That solved the data problem, but rss news feed was still sluggish.
  5. ET is definitely superior to IB for help with tech issues. IB takes days to respond, assuming they respond at all.
  6. you get what you pay for.
    if you want $0.0001 per trade, don't expect help on anything
  7. Tom and RL are wankers but thats no surprise (read shill if you want).

    The advice mwerbe got from tech support is the correct advice (save and, if somehow something in your computer overwrites or distorts your config file restore the old one).

    FWIW syd697 I recommend that you use Acronis True Image to regularly backup your C drive. That way if such an issue occurs with TWS or anything else its really easy just to recover the old directory (just replace c:\tws) and away you go.
  8. TOM134


    kiwi trader,

    Go back to 2nd Grade and learn how to spell and compose sentences.

    You are a cracked pot and everyone here at ET knows it.

    Hope you get help soon.
  9. Tom,

    You, you twat, are simply a wanker. Who employs you to attack IB irrationally on every thread?

    You could help us all though. You could leave Elite Trader (isn't it obvious to you that you are not one of the elite?) But I guess there is a new wanker to replace each one that goes.

    Didn't old PT say something like that about you and your kind?

    (The anti-ib wankers never last too long though because they can't trade and get bored pretending after a while. And regarding your stupid "get some help" barb - it's weak, you can do better)
  10. TOM134


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