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  1. Hello,

    the IB Gateway is a very nice feature mostly for systematic and automated traders, one doesn't need a TWS running and one doesn't need to login every day with the security device. But there are serious issues in the memory allocation of the gateway which results in a very high memory usage after only 1 week and the gateway will stop working because of that problem. Even if no client is connected to the gateway and no data recording is involved the memory usage will grow from initial 120 MB to 800 MB during one week and then the garbage collection of JAVA hits. This problem seems to depend on the windows version and the Java version running (the 64 bit versions seem to be worse than the 32 bit versions), but all combinations suffer from that problem.

    At the moment IB doesn't investigate that problem argumenting, that the gateway is not designed to run permanently for one week or longer.

    If you are also interested in resolving this error in the IB gateway please vote for an investigation of IB of this error:

    Please vote for it, even if you don't use the IB gateway at the moment, but perhaps you will need the gateway in the near future and you can't use this nice peace of software because of the memory leakage problem unsolved.

    thank you for supporting this poll at IB
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    On windows nt line you can activate garbage collection by restoring gateway window and then reducing it to icon in the taskbar. Or you can try freeware tools like cacheman or freeram xp pro.