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  1. I have a lot of problems with Esignal.
    5-6 times per day my screens are froozen,
    never happens with any other programs.
    I have a 3 weeks old Dell with all "extras"
    and two screens.
    If you go to the homepage of Esignal it
    seems to be a common problem especially
    if you have more than one screen.
    They have a lot of suggestions for problemsolving,
    but should not a program work without theese
    Someone with similar experiences?
  2. I have had the same connection drops with E-Signal charting when running 2 basic charts, side by side. One chart stops updating after 6 or 7 minutes, while the other chart continues, and then it usually stops updating eventually, as well. Yet, BOTH charts never cease SIMULTANEOUSLY. Very strange.

    Check out my story on this from a thread from last week, and then do yourself a favor and get REAL-TIC. It costs $165 a month, with E-Minis included and is absolutely fantastic!

    By the way, I had a 3-year old Dell Dimension and a one month old Dell 8300 with a full gig of ram running dual monitors. Either way, the E-Signal connection was garbage.

    Check this link to my previous thread, and then head straight to REALTIC. You will be glad that you did!
  4. Thank you, I will consider to change.
    I split my time with three different countries.
    I have cable or dsl on all three places.
    No computer is elder than three months
    and all have XP-pro.
    I have the same problem on all three places,
    obviously esignal doesn`t work with more
    than one monitor?
  5. Now I had read the last thread.
    But no answer from esignal?
    What I can see from earlier Threads
    they are reading this forum.
    Do you think they will answer me?
  6. Rudolf


    I have eSignal running with 3 Monitors. Never experienced any problems. Maybe it is your graphics card.

    I use a really fabulous card from Appian which handles up to 4 monitors and comes with a own memory chip for each of the 4 monitors.

    The handling of the hydravision software is great.
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    I run Esignal on 3 monitors (a GeForce3 and a Matrox G450 card)and don't have any problems with charts freezing. The only data hangups I get are when I have quotes filtered for an exchange (like IBM=N). That data never seems to be right for me, but otherwise its usually fine.
  8. I have 128 DDR RADEON 9800 Graphic cards.
    The most expensive that Dell sells.
  9. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    There's no system-wide reason, that we are aware of, that would cause eSignal to freeze. Individual users have reported problems to us and for the most part, we've uncovered the problem and resolved most situations. Ocassionally, despite our best efforts, we can't always find and fix the cause. That is the case with Waggie945, despite spending dozens of hours trying to figure out why his system was freezing.

    From our experiences with users, we've put together a list of possible causes and solutions and posted them on our site. If you can spend some time and go through each of these items, I think you stand a pretty good chance of solving the problem. If it persists, we'll be happy to work with you individually to troubleshoot further.

  10. Rudolf


    Well, I am not a techie in this area, but it seems to me that the card you have targets the gaming freaks and is not specially designed to handle a multi-monitor setup.

    I have to systems running with an appian 4-port card. I paid for my appian's around 1000.00 US$ each. This was 2 years ago. Of course, prices went down. It seems that you will get a brand new 4-port-Appian for around 530.00 now.

    If you are operating multiple monitors, you should definetely look for a multi-monitor-card. Appian used to be the very leader in this area. Now Matrox seems to have some nice 2-port and 4-port cards also. I would always go with the 4-port type of card.

    I know, some techie guys will tell you that over 500 bucks for a card is a rip-off and that you can combine two 2-port or 4 single cards for a fraction of the price and so on. Nonsens. Check out this forum and you will find a lot of posters struggling with their graphic cards.

    It seems, that you are not one of the guys with micro pockets.
    Two years ago, Appian offered me to check their card out for a period of 14 days completely free. As soon as they offered me this deal, I bought two of them without testing. Happy I did.
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