problems with esignal again

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by DT-waw, Jun 13, 2002.

  1. DT-waw


    When I've run esignal today, I've seen missing quotes from 12 June 2002. As a result, indicator values are wrong, system gives false signals. See attached file.

    What the hell is going on! I pay 200 bucks a month for this! :mad:

    eSignal quotes lag when compare to IB quotes. Someone told me here, its a result of Eurex policy - brokers have priority over quote providers. But I can't believe it! Today, when the fastest servers can work with 10,000,000 hits per second, data can be sent through the internet with 150 ms speed - quotes lag 5 to 10 seconds???

    Is CQG better in terms of reliability?
  2. BKuerbs


    If you don't believe it, why don't you ask Eurex? Do not hesitate to call or email them.

    Once more: Eurex has two classes of data feeds. One for their members,which has highest priority and one for their data vendors. IB distributes the data from its member feed, though in a reduced rate. I can compare IB with CQG and during fast moves IB shows definitely more ticks.

    Some weeks back, the feed for data vendors of the Eurex had a total black out, while their member data feed continued to work. IB still supplied data (and you could trade of course).

    As to the missing data: I do not know what caused yesterdays data to be missing. But I had the same experience last year with eSignal, that's why I switched. This experience refers only to the quality of the Eurex data of eSignal, not to the data of the american exchanges.

    Do not remain angry - act.

    Bernd Kuerbs
  3. spectre


    I suspect you are in a different timezone than esignal's servers. I have the same problem. Come 8am GMT (12am PST - esignal server location), chart data from the previous day will disappear temporarily (for about an hour).
    Was told by technical support to switch my pc clock to PST. This "solution" doesn't work instantaneously, and still requires numerous reboots for charts to refresh.

    Would the esignal rep care to comment?
  4. DT-waw


    Changing time doesn't help, its even worse, current bars are away of chart. esignal LivRep support is closed, its active from about 9:00 EST.
    Hmmm.. now I switch clock again to my time zone, and 12/06 quotes are on the chart.

    Kuerbs: thanks for the info. Qcharts doesn't provide Eurex... the only choice is esignal or cqg.
  5. jmk


    I'm quite satisfied with for Eurex (using it for 6 monthes). Quotes lag <1 sec comparing to IB.
    Nice charting.
    I used esignal for 2 monthes, was not really convinced.

    My two eurocents.

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  7. DT-waw


    Thanks again Kuerbs. What about Futuresource, Realtick Europe. and other vendors reliability? Does anybody use them for a long time?
    Does myTrack offer Eurex quotes?
  8. Ditch


    myTrack offers Eurex quotes. Charting is horrible though, you will need an additional package, like Investor/RT.
  9. DT-waw


    I would like to work with amibroker. Right now ami works only with esignal feed.
    I can work without ami, but I need real time alerts based on technical indicators. Does mytrack have them?

  10. I am getting incorrect opening price data on charts, among other things. This new release has been nothing but trouble.
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