Problems with entering orders into IB?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by NYSEtrader123, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. i'm having problems entering orders into IB. Anybody else?
  2. I've not seen this before, but both paper and live are "down."
  3. I'm now working properly again.
  4. No glitches in IB data this AM from here. I would never trade with them again, but their data is OK in general.
  5. I'm not, but I took my account below $100 last month yet didn't wish to close it (I'll be funded again on Feb. 1). I didn't want to wipe out all my settings and fine-tunings. IB has not charged me for a data feed this month, so it's possible they sense the "hold" pattern. That'd be cool, relative to paperwork and set-up investment time.
  6. FGBL07


    Have a look at this page. last paragraph.

    Bummer me, though, cuz I don't get the daily paper-trade drill to keep the skills sharp. (That's been quite a comfort while I get some non-trading issues resolved.) But it's great to see that sensible feature -- thanks for the info.
  8. Stok


    I cannot place live order in ES!

    I says submitted, but not yet acknowledged and will not go live. Anyone else?
  9. Arjun1


    I'm having problems entering orders too.

    I can't see my account value window either.
  10. Arjun1


    I switched to the previous version and my orders are going thru now.
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