Problems with CNBC $1 Million Contest

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cscott, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. cscott


    My orders take 2 days to go through, and the website is down much of the time. This make for a real flaky contest. I can live with the $500 market cap requirement, but no limit orders and the other flaws make this game so unrealistic.
  2. I didnt join. I knew it would be ridden with cheaters and hackers and only one person can actually win.
  3. But it sure makes for good TV. ha

    "Trading with the Stars"
    "How to Win a Million Dollars"
    and all the talking heads that get to save face, even though their game picks suck, by saying "our view has always been long term"

    However, Good luck to you
    Osorico :)
  4. Arnie


    I signed up but could never get through to make buys. Gave up. Why trade play money when you trade reall $$.
  5. Why they didn't award REAL trades?

    Starting, let's say with $5k or $10k Real bucks?

    And the contest for a full year, not a week, someone can gain 10% this week and lose 15% the next weeks. Consistent results are the key.

    Would give it more credibility.