Problems with ASSENT LLC

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by DJM, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. DJM


    To All Traders out there,

    Anyone experience terrible service, execution etc. from ASSENT LLC and their useless, unreliable ANVIL Platform?
    Myself and a few others are looking toward enacting a class action lawsuit.
    They make us all sign indemnifying contracts prior to trading, but a class action law suit will allow us to file gross negligence on their behalf. We have already approached a lawyer who is more than willing to accept this case- no upfront fee. (he suggested this method to rally more support)

    Trading is our livelihood, brokers who are abusing the system and neglecting their duties to us do not deserve to profit. In our business we pay heavliy for mistakes; they need to take responsibility for their neglect to uphold a contract. That contract we sign with them mandates a certain level of service, they have clearly not provided it. There are people who have lost tens of thousands of dollars due to these 'technical' errors. As traders we have a right to a decent platform that we pay for via commissions and other fees.