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    For the past 10 days, i have been having serious data freeze issues with ameritrade's streamer. I was happy with it before. What is going on???? I called many times, but the issue remains. I changed computers, new modem, new java, browser setting tweaks, etc. and still it happens. My experience:

    Every 30 minutes to one hour, sometimes more frequently, data will freeze for 1-2 minutes. If it happens several times, then it never restores, and you have to shut the browser and log in again. It is very dangerous during trades.

    Something must be going on, as it has never done this before. Since I have changed all hardware and software, it can not be on my side.

    Anyone else? I would change brokers but i read IB is having similar issues, and I like Ameritrade, except for this. It is really cutting into my trading activity.

  2. Happened to me a couple of times over the last two weeks, I log in and out through out the day so maybe thats why it hasnt been worse... I assumed it was because of the new site being launched mid-may... if it continued after that I was gonna start investigating. I'm opening an account at thinkorswim as a backup and for their options platform.
  3. I see periodic data freezes, too, but maybe once every few days, and usually just with options. It sounds like you're connected to a bad server. Their technical people should be able to diagnose the problem for you, seeing whether the server is getting your Streamer's requests and sending responses. Although you'll have to get past the front line service reps who say "everything is working fine, just clear out your cache and restart the browser".
  4. You need to run a route trace immediately to determine if there is data loss along the connection somewhere. Most likely that is the problem. Good luck getting it resolved.
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    stop trading. go fun in striper club.
    come back when those lazy guys wake up and fix it.

    Now TD ameritrade SPY quote not available since April 30 yesterday
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    Thanks for all the replies. Things got even worse today.
    It started out ok, and I was thinking it might be resolved. Then...when things get busy, (I was watching the DJ chart and levelII), there were intermittent freezes, of 2-3 minutes, and eventually, after freezes, the java windows lost all image data, (just looked like black boxes), and I had to close the browser with the task manager. Later after a trade, this happened, but i was able to sell before i lost any money. very dangerous...

    There really has been no resolution. AMTD maintained it is on my end, but this happened on 2 machines, all new equipment, nothing shared. Hours lost.

    I have been using streamer for over a year, with no problems, until recently.

    At the end of the day, the tech and i decided to try to uninstall AVG, (virus software). I did notice that it was installed right around the time this all started to happen. We will see what tomorrow brings.

    It is scary. I shouldn;t be trading with it like this. I still made money today. but it could have gone the other way.

    I ran tracert, but i am unclear how to interpret the data, or when to run it. (thanks)

    I am looking into Fidelity and Etrade. Since I do this full time, i need banking features attached. I would like to just get the AMTD issues fixed. But I am now doubting....

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  8. Why is QuoteTrader free?

    Certainly Esignal & your parent company aren't in the business for giving away things for free.
  9. If you are serious about trading, you need to get a real broker. I was with Ameritrade years ago. They're okay for swing trading, but my experience was in a fast market, their system often fails. I lost way more money than they ever saved me because I was stuck in a position for hours, cause when the system craps out, the phones are jammed.
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