Problems w L2 on T.S lately

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by catman, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. catman


    Any Tradestation users have any problem with Level 2 data
    in the last couple of days? AMEX keeps getting hung up and the data feed has been a mess. Trying to find out if it's me or them. TIA
  2. I've had problems w/ TS charts getting hung up lately, but LII and T&S have been fine.

    By the way, don't EVER, EVER, EVER expect a Tradestation "tech help" rep to admit that Tradestation has anything to do with your problem (especially "Dierdre" - she is the absolute worst).

    I just hang up on them when they start asking questions like, "Uhhh, duhhh - did you turn the computer on" or "Uhhh, maybe it's your ISP."


    The reality of trading is that "technical" problems will always exist -- hopefully not while you're short 50,000 QQQ and a monster squeeze takes hold!

  3. Kymar


    I'm not sure about AMEX - I think AMEX has its own problems - and the chart-lagging problem is an old one that usually remain trivial or easy to address (depending on the cause/situation). The main problem I've been having is with L2 and the Order Bar being out of sync, often for extended periods of time. L1 (bid/last/ask) has diverged from the quotes displayed in the L2 montage, often in perplexing, annoying, inconvenient, and eventually costly ways. P&L has also been out of sync on open positions, and there've been other, apparently related problems as well.

    They've been persistent enough for me to contemplate switching to a new set-up - and I say this as a longtime user and client and notorious booster of TS. Also, though I've generally had good experiences with tech support there, on this matter I received a totally unsatisfactory response.
  4. rcreal


    My TS6 has been freezing lately. Had to kill the program w/ the task manager then restart it.
  5. catman


    Today was terrible as far as level 2. My charts seem fine, but I also have e-signal and eASCtrend running so I use their charts primarily. It seems AMEX quotes get hung up even as the bid/offer changes. I have also had trouble the last couple of days with the order bar not being in sync as well....
    Today though the level 2 quotes were a mess and I'm not sure if the trouble is on my end.
    I have been happy with T.S. since I switched at the end of Sept., and I hope these issues are temporary.....I hate switching brokers.
    Cybertrader was great, but the fees were just too high....

    I guess you can't have it all, but it would sure be nice for a change
  6. Kymar


    It seems to me (I'm not 100% sure) that the problems began around the time or soon after the last software upgrade - when they changed method of running P/L calculation (I prefered the old way, actually). I also recall a period when they were first having peculiar problems with L2 data on small caps - and it may be around that time that these out-of-sync difficulties actually began. Then there were the net-wide WCOM-related problems. And there was just a post on another thread describing something similar on RealTick...

    After much annoyance and vain hope the problem would "take care of itself," I started taking screen shots of occurences as far back as early October 2 (see below), so I know the problem has been around for well more than a month.
  7. Kymar


    Or check out this one for confusing quotes!
  8. catman


    I have also had the occaisonal problem due to WCOM and issues with Bellsouth as far as connectivity...but hadn't noticed many other issues with T.S. until a few days ago....and today just seemed really bad. I deal with the order bar issue by keeping my cursor on the up or down arrow and manually adjust the price.
    When I first looked into T.S. you mentioned it was not the best for scalping (you were right about that), so I have adjusted my trading style. Overall I have been pleased, but I sure hoe these issues get resolved.

    Good luck

  9. bobcathy1

    bobcathy1 Guest

    I had a lot of problems with TradeStation until I got a computer that is 4 times as big as my old one. Now it runs just fine, no glitches, no stopping.....I use the one computer just to trade. What they have as a minimum requirement on their site does not run the software.....I use a laptop with a 40gbhd and 1050mb memory....and I took off some of the programs that come pre-installed in the computer for good measure.
    When you have a lot of workspaces open, it uses up the memory like crazy. I usually reboot lunchtime so that my caches are cleaned.
    I also like that they tell you when they have data problems. The other broker I used did not and it lead to a lot of losses. :)
  10. Kymar


    Many problems I was having were solved when I applied the "heap memory" fix detailed in the TradeStationWorld web site (under a thread whose title includes the words "desktop heap memory") - a typical Windows-related, not TS-related problem. I haven't, for instance, had any crashes since applying the fix - except for the one time I experimented with overloading the number of workspaces I could load at once - seemed to max out for the kind of workspaces I was loading somewhere above 300.
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