Problems trading through Optimum online

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by NJ1000, Sep 3, 2008.

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    I trade from home and use optimum as why internet connection, but usually at least once throughout the day my internet goes out 4 a minute or 2, which is very frusterating, does anyone else have this problem, or have any sugestions on what I should do? Thanks for any advice..
  2. If it is critical, invest in a second internet connection. You can get dialup if you have a home phone, satellite internet, or for $60/month, you can get wireless fast internet from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.
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    thanks anyone have any other advice on this??
  4. Never had problems with Opt Online, however I had a similar issue at Comcast long ago. After numerous phone calls to the company, it was found out that I had an older cable modem and the company was periodically shutting down users with older model modems and turning them back on again (flickering, they called it) in order for those users to call up, complain and get a service tech to replace their modems.

    The company wanted to get rid of all the older modems.

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    Are you able to get DSL where you live? What's the status of Verizon's rollout of FIOS, as they seem to be coming into more and more neighborhoods in NJ.

    I had a similar problem with my internet service provider and connectivity reasons. Couldn't get cable (building not wired for it and does not have contract with them - building has directv) dsl was not an option as my building is too far from a central office (dsl has distance issues). I was forced to get a T1 for the home to insure I had continuous uptime (99.99%). Yes, cost me 325/month, but worth it and am able to write it off.

    If your disconnects start to cost you money, to the tune of a few hundred a month, get the T1 for peace of mind.

    Just my experience.
  6. If you trade from home you definitely should get Verizon Fios also as a back up or main connection..
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    I had some problems with optimum online about 6 months ago. After doing a tracerout to my brokers server (lighspeed) I found out it was an att edge network problem in ohio if I remember correctly. I now have fios upper tier package and optimum online boost. Optimum is better and faster even though it takes 15 hops for them vs fios at 13. I connected to lighspeed for a few days through both connections and optimum was producing faster quotes. Lightspeed techs confirmed this for me even though I knew it from watching the quotes myself.