Problems connecting to Patsystem

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by saico, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. saico


    Hi everyone,

    for almost 2 months now I'm using Ninja Trader as a frontend for J-Trader and all was working stable and fine. Since a couple of days I can't get connected to the Patsystem server thru Ninja Trader. After trying to fix that problem together with the helpdesk of my broker, they told me its probably an ISP issue. Connection works great with a normal dialup modem. Do you know, why some ISP's doesn't support certain server
    connections, like in my case? Much thanks in advance!
  2. could be a port , ip , firewall issue. some isp's block certain ports especiaily on broadband connections .
    ask if you can connect to the patsystems test server which has a different port and ip
  3. Truff


    GET OFF PATS!!! Ninjatrader is now available with TT's connectivity. There are just a select few that offer it now, spike, velocity, and ProActive to name a few. The sooner you are off PATS, the better off you will be.
  4. saico


    Never had problems with them. Feed is stable and order executions are fast. The latest problem is an ISP problem and its not pats related.
  5. saico


    Thanks neilcharlton for your response, its very appreciated!
  6. saico


    Neilcharlton, the test server is enabled for live trading?