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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by neo-13, Sep 8, 2013.

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    Good morning,
    for start excuse my for my english, but it's not my language.
    I use a VPS from CNS(commercial network service) and I can't to connect it. I had the error message "navigate failed, http response=500", it is indicated that the error is an intern error of server;
    I rebooted it from my account manager, but nothing to work.
    But my big problem is I can't to send a message to helpdesk and when I go on the helpdesk page, it is written I must log if I want to send a message.
    But I'm allready logged and if I click on the link to loggued me, I arrive on my account that is the evidence I'm allready loggued.
    Please do you have an answer or an explanation, how I must to for use correctly them helpdesk? (for information I had allready use it before they change them helpdesk)

    Thank's so much for your answer!
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    Thank's a lot, it works now.