Problem with the Dykstra thread in Wall Street News

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by hughb, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. hughb


  2. Joe


    I'm not experiencing any issues with it, please try again.
  3. hughb


    I just looked again, same thing. If I click on the 'last post' icon, I go to the first post of page 2. Then when I scroll to the bottom of page 2, there appears to be a post started by marketsurfer on 8/11/09 at 2:55 PM, but there is no text, simply a text box showing up. There are no other posts after that. I'm using IE7.

    Anybody else?

    EDIT to add - I cleared my temp internet files and cookies but same problem.

    My ISP is at&t, I'm using yahoo/att dsl service.
  4. gaj


    firefox, no problem.

    but i also have said poster on ignore, so i wouldn't see that post.
  5. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    It looks like marketsurfer posted a link to a youtube video but he didn't copy and paste the entire link correctly. I deleted the post so you shouldn't have a problem viewing the thread now.
  6. hughb


    Yes, it works now. Actually, it wasn't a text box in surf's post, it was the image of a text box. How weird. Thanks.