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  1. Anybody having problems with QT? Had one year registration for years and it says should automatically renew but can't get data today. Telling me I need to register and when I try, get error message. Emailed them but no reply. Anybody out there know what is going on?
  2. Have another problem. Charts don't backfill. Any idea how to fix? Thanks.
  3. same response. NOTE: Make sure you have 3.9.8a version (latest patch), not 3.9.8 or below
  4. The link provided only has one download. How do I check the which version?
  5. This is what was provided in the link....

    You have requested the file:
    Size: 3.88 MB
    Uploaded: 02-04-2012 20:04
    Last download: 12-04-2012 18:00
  6. Got this message for the STOCKS application file....
    Error 0x800040005: Unspecified error
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