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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by vetten, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. vetten


    hello folks,

    IB is my broker and they have 40 different order types, so I wonder why I`m getting confused sometimes.

    I`m trading the Darvas way so how should I place the following order example??????????

    Say the highest price for a stock was $ 50.00, its now $ 49.50 and I want to place a stop/limit order for 100 shares at

    So far I can do that, but then the stock might gap up at the opening, come down and hit my stop price.

    I dont want to buy at that stage; I only want to buy if my stop price get hit from below.

    so I want my order automaticly cancelled if the price gaps up above my stop/limit price.

    any clever ideas?????

    thanks a bunch
  2. ddunbar

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  3. vetten


    thank you dd

    I tried to do your trick, but it said that conditional orders can only be done with limit or market orders, not with stop/limit orders.

    In my example, if the open is at say $ 49.60, IB would buy those shares for me, because the limit is $ 50.20 or better.

    Am I wrong here and if so, what do I fill in on the order ticket to get what I want?

    thanks for your help