Problem with observing human behavior

Discussion in 'Politics' started by thesharpone, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. The problem with studying live human behavior is similar to the quantum measurement problem, once the person becomes aware of the fact that his actions are being observed it is most likely that he might behave in a way that he would regularly not behave, this is mainly a defense mechanism to preserve who we really are, since an intelligent being knows (consciously or unconsciously) that if his actions are observed it is highly likely that his future actions can be guessed and that this can pose a threat to his being, he chooses to act in ways that eliminate or reduce the chance of detecting his future behavior, hypocrisy is a sign of intelligence, how often do you find a stupid person not being themselves?

    do you act the same way in public as you do while with a group of friends?

    in american media they constantly insist on teaching people to be who they are, and to put away fear of losing privacy or fear of being watched, while these same bastards are constantly role playing

    Why do most celebrities end up going through weird shit? they just can't get enough attention, that is one reason, there is also the fact that they know that they are constantly being watched, and so they try to always be what people have come to enjoy, eventually they crack, and turn into psychos and britney spears
  2. Interesting comments, in light of the Jesse Jackson situation. Hell, he doesn't even try to hide who he really is anymore. There's a guy I'd like to see on a closed-circuit camera, in his house, saying what he really thinks.