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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by hajimow, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. I use IB Webtrader at work and occasionally when I want to edit my market watch list and add a stock , I see that the list gets reset and I see the default IB's original list there. Then I have to start over again and modify the list again and put my stock list. It is interesting that my option list in the option window stays intact. I don't know what causes this problem. Has anyone else had the same problem? I know that the list is PC dependent and I assume that the list is saved in a cookie or something but I can not figure out where. Somehow the file containing my stock list gets reset. I am puzzled and it become annoying. I would appreciate if an IB rep can help me on this.
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    Somebody or something is cleaning your cookie where WebTrader keeps the list. How often this is happening?
  3. Not if I don't open the edit market watch window to try to add a stock to the list. It happend twice today. The interesting thing is that the option list does not get affected. I assume that they use the same cookie. It does not happen 100% of the time. Like 15% of the time and that is a lot.
  4. I also know that it has nothing to to with IB software. There is something happening in my PC but I could not figure out what is wrong
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    Not sure if it can help but if you use Windows, the cookie is in
    Documents and Settings\user_name\Cookies
    Name is user_name@servlet[?].txt
    where user_name is your Windows user name.
    There is non-zero probability that some other Internet service that you use tries to create a cookie with the same name and kills IB cookie. It is a pure speculation though.
  6. It should not be from cookie. I deleted my cookies and the option list also got cleaned. When that happens, only stock list that I am playing with gets initialized with the default list, the option list stays intact. Thanks for the help though. I know it is difficult to figure out what causes that.