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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Pippi436, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    i recently checked out the MB-Trading demo. The platform looks nice so far, but i experience a bug: the quotes displayed look like this:

    The wrong digits of the quotes are printed in large letters. Customer-Support says its likely because of my regional/country settings in windows and i should use north-american settings, and has otherwise no clue. Apart from that i dont want to use american settings (its a standard german windows XP installation), i played around with those windows settings to no avail.

    Anyone haveing the same problem and found a solution?
  2. MBT-Steve, to the rescue!
  3. MBT-Steve

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    Hi Pippi....

    I see the problem. For the time being, apparently North American is required. However, I am on this and will get back to you after I see what our development team says can be done.


  4. Thanks steve.
  5. Can anyone help to explain the spreads from about 3/4 hours before the NFP Sept where the bid is way higher than ask?:confused:
  6. Heres the jpg
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    At that time of the screenshot there was a bank participant that did not refresh their quote. There are various ways that we remedy this and in this case we pulled the bank which was not updating.


  8. This problem has been going on for several years with MBT/EFX and their spot prices.

    It was always freezing when I had access to it and you would be filled on prices never displayed.

    I had hoped that this bug had been fixed and was going to re-activate the account shortly.

    I appreciate the warning.
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  10. Thanks steve, that did it :)
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