Problem with Loging in to my IB account at work

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    I just opened my account with IB and I was able to login to my account at home both with standalone TWS and network one. But I can not login at work. It keeps showing attemp #1,2,3,...
    and when I click on cancel I get the following message:
    Login Connection Exception : Connection timed out.
    I assume that it is mostly because I am behind the firewall but I like to resolve it without asking for help at work as it is no-work related. By the way I get the same result for both Standalone and browser based TWS login. Any help or reference to a site that can help me solve this problem will be appreciated.

  2. I have this same problem. When I called IB they told me I had to call the network administrator, figure out the port address and set the settings that way. Never got around to doing it.
  3. Only problem is you dont want to tell the network administrator your trading during work.:) Back when I was working and had a position open I would carry my laptop with me and use my phone line to get around this problem.
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    Looks like you are having firewall issues. If your Network admin wont open the necessary ports, there is a workaround (which I had to use). It consists of a Loophole/SocksCap solution. Use the search function (keyword: loophole) in the upper right corner. There are other threads pertaining to this issue.

    good luck
  5. You can also route the IB traffic though port 80 to a company called which will then route it to IB on the correct port. It costs $5 a month will allow users to bypass firewalls since they are using port 80.
    Good luck.
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    that website " is blocked by our company.
  7. That sucks. Maybe you can sign up for the service at home and use it through work. Their servers are,, etc. If they only block and not, that should work. If they block the whole domain, it will not work.

    Also, check out the Loophole/SocksCap solution listed above.

    Does anyone know any other solutions besides GoToMyPC / pcAnywhere or the mobile trader?

    I guess you could also set up a proxy server at your house, have TWS connect to the proxy server, and have the proxy server connect to IB.

    Overly restrictive firewalls can be very annoying, as they can make it harder to do your normal job. I know someone who searched for Superbowl XXX and was reprimanded because he searched for XXX.
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