Problem with iphone? Anyone has heard that?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hajimow, Jun 7, 2007.

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    I heard a rumor that web browser on the new iphone halts after a couple of going back and forth on the pages. Anyone with more info? What would be the effect of a possible big recall on the stock?
  2. um got a link?
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    No I did not read it on line and I don't have any link for it. I just heard from a kind of reliable source but you know how realiable these sources can be.
    I also read a rumor on the keyboard issue that is also only a rumor but I have a link for it. It is just the source of the rumor and nothing else.}&siteid=yahoomy
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    Another comment from someone who is the cell phone chip design business:
    "I don't know what is the buzz for!!! This phone is not the state of the art. It is not a 3G phone. It even doesn't support EDGE! It is just a simple GSM/GPRS device.
    Wait for another few months, you get a lot more for your buck"
  5. I've been wondering about that's a $600 cell phone/ipod. Wow. Seem unimpressive and it won't be saleable to the masses in my opinion. It's not a PDA and those who buy PDAs would be the most likely to spend so much money.

    Also, having an exclusive deal is fucking dumb. That was really really dumb in my opinion. :D
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    Nokia e90 is much better 3.5g hdspa, replaceable battery and GPS.
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    It's not about the's about the marketing. My son has a 'Chocolate' and it constantly breaks but ALL the kids have one so he has to also. The PC was junk but Gates marketed it so well it overcame the Apple giant but not because it was a better machine.

    Those IPhone things will sell simply because of the hype and the fact that 98% of America doesn't know any better. Feel the power of television!
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    It seems that Sony is close to release its new phone "maybe" called "NetPhone"
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    Dvorak would be the last person I would listen to, let alone trust his financial advice.
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    Iphone = Ijoke

    Who cares about this phone, I have seen a dozen or more phones in the market place that never got any attention, why does this one even matter.

    If Apple doesnt do well with this product the stock is easily going to fall 20%. Remember its a phone with a built in mp3 player, how many of those are on the market now.......
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