Problem with IB when transmitting orders

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Chronos.Phenomena, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    Sometimes when I submit order (market) trough API it only appears in TWS... with little "T" simbol, instead of transmitting the order directly....

    I don't know what may cause this problem... most of the time... when I use limit orders... everything is OK... order is transmitted directly..

    Is anyone familiar with this issue?

  2. Stok


    What API u using?
  3. Java API.

    The trading app is under development... so it may be some bug.... ort so...

    ...but the anoying thing is that it works sometimes and it doesn't work the othertime...

    I'm clueless
  4. needless to say

    I use

    order.m_transmit = true;
  5. Check to see if any error messages have been received in the errMsg event when this occurs. I have seen the "T" result on orders if I exceed the margin requirements. Are you running on the demo server or your papertrading account?
  6. Demo account
  7. promagma


    Does the order work if submitted manually?

    I have seen that happen if the exchange is closed (some commodities close at 2:15pm EST)
  8. ramora


    IB has the 'edemo' account which is set up for testing.

    There is also a paper trading account which you can set up which does not execute real trades.

    If you are using edemo account, try your software again on a paper trading account.

    I have had problems with the edemo account and switched to the paper trading account and could not reproduce the problem.

    I believe the edemo account is not as well served as the paper trading account and both are inferior to a real account.

    Just a thought, good luck.
  9. The error was on my side.... nasty multithreading bug...

    thanks guys...