Problem with IB feed today using IBCharts

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by babaorum, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. babaorum


    I had a big problem today with IB feed, using IBCharts 3.3 beta.

    The "second" feed contained in the 1 sec cache file is now stamped 1 hour before the "minute" feed contained in the 1 min cache file.
    The result is that the sec feed overwrites 1 hour on the chart - it misses one hour on all my ID charts.

    I use IBCharts 3.3 beta since sevaral weeks now without any problem and I didn't make any changes in IBChart config today.

    Has somebody noticed this today ?
  2. Thank Heavens!
    The 'regular' IB quote feed seems to keep up these days.
    Keep on going IB.
  3. It's been around for a few days.
  4. babaorum


    You mean that the problem really comes from IB feed and not from IBCharts ?
  5. I am not actually sure. All my other IB charting apps seem to be grabbing the appropriate time. I figured it was a daylight savings problem and would go away -- I think it's this weekend. So, I just adjusted my mental clock by and hour with respect to IBCharts and got on with things. I know that's not an answer but it wasn't important enough for me to bother with yet.

    Best suggestion is report it to IBCharts...
  6. babaorum


    ok thanks ssternlight - That's what I will do very soon if I have no other feedback on this thread.
  7. babaorum


    Here is the answer I received from IBCharts

    So on next monday, this problem should diseappear.
  8. Pretty much what I figured...