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    So, I¡¯ve been trading forex on IB for a bit. My problem is, that I don¡¯t have any open positions, yet my account summary shows 19.54 in EUR with a current initial margin of 6.49. Why does this bother me? Because my account is being plundered on a daily basis. I¡¯ve included a bmp file of what I¡¯m talking about. You can see that my previous day equity with loan value is higher than todays¡¦.only problem is¡¦.I DIDN¡¯T MAKE ANY TRADES TODAY!!! This has been going on for about a week. I figured it was just a computer glitch but it¡¯s not going away! Am I crazy? Or am I being plowed in the arse w/o lube?
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    no one with any idea????? Come on fellas...throw me a bone here.....
  3. You traded something that is priced in EURO. Than you created virtual Euro subaccount automatically. Go to IDEAL and transfer it to US dollars. It is alot written in manual, you need read it. Simple you need make pseudo trade that will close your Euro position.
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    please excuse my would I make this psuedo trade to change whatever EUR into USD? Thanks in advance!!
  5. Request ticker on exchange IDEAL (not IDEALPRO) for EUR USD. Than sell at market your Euro amount. Posion closed.
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    JK124 are a true gentelman and a scholar. Thank you so much for your time and, most importantly, patience.....

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    JK124 more question.......

    How do I get rid of the .54 if my market value is 19.54 EUR
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    For future reference (for others who may need this info later)

    If you right-click on whatever currency that is showing in your "market value" section of your account window you will see an option to "close all non-base currency positions". This will close out whatever positions you have in your non-base currency.

    At this point you should still see some sort of open position in your portfolio.

    You then want to right-click on whatever position is showing in your "portfolio" section of the account window. You will see an option to "adjust position or average price". Click that and set your position to "0" and viola!! Problem solved.....

    Now if I can only figure out how to get rid of the remaining .54 in EUR I'm holding.....
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    It will go away overnight.
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