Problem with BetterRenko Bars and Tick data

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  1. Hey guys just wondering if anyone else has noticed this, for BetterRenko bars with tick data (Ninjatrader), sometimes for even liquid instruments, the bars are made up of ticks of say 400 shares traded total for a 4 brick, at other times during the day, the Renko bars are made up of 1 million shares. Obviously that doesn't make sense for validating some of the prints. Usually this occurs say at 9:30, 9:31, 9:33, etc.

    Just wondering if anyone has a strategy for dealing with low volume Renko bars?
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    Absolutely no idea regarding this. :( Am so sorry.
  3. What good are you, then?

    I came up with a solution, probably a good idea to start session in NT instrument at 9:32 instead of 9:30 and end at 3:59 instead of 4pm.
  4. These bars were created by a BMT member, Aslan, who longer visits there. However, you may be able to get an answer from another member.

    Beware, BMT is a cesspool and Big Mike is a zombie from World War Z so be careful and tread lightly.
  5. This solution works. Thank god for Aslan, BetterRenko bars are awesome.
  6. You dont like Big Mike? lol.
  7. He is a cancer as far as I'm concerned. A liar, stealer, predator, and losing trader who represents himself as a winner in order to control the minds of his flock.

    BMT is no different than any other cult run by a sociopathological outcast. In this case, it is a burned out trader who despise those who have real success trading.
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    couldn't resist giving it a +1. sorry to the guys who like Big Mike (I think there is nothing big about him :D)
  9. His indicators are awesome, however. Hope he doesn't read ur posts and take vengeance lol.
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    Aslan's indicators might be very good. Its just that big mike is not that good. LOL!
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