problem w a new HP Fup company

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ksonsinc, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Can some one help me
    I bought a new HP like few month ago to use it for the web
    Last week i tried to install a software to trade future and it does not connect
    I checked my firewall it off i checked with Verizon Firewall it is off
    so what F is blocking the computer for connecting to the software.
    not 1 company but 2 to 3 compnay i tried download their Sim and it download and it does not connect.
    Every one is pointing out to HP ( call HP ) since the problem is in the computer
    I called them and they want me to pay them $69.00 for techinical help for a brand new over priced computer which i have never had a problem and today i have an issue they want me to pay them $69.00 ( is it fair )
    I dont understand wht could be the problem Internt work,s fine lime wire work,s fine my streamer on ameritrade work,s fine
  2. Tums


    everything works fine, so go blame it on HP.
  3. well they dont want to take the blame.
    They want me to pay $69 for 6 month support and to solve the problem they have
  4. What ports are the sims trying to connect to? Can you telnet to those ports? Does your firewall keep a log around that you can look at?