Problem trading NQ via IB on QT

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by copa8, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. copa8


    Can someone who maybe had experienced this problem advise as to how to remedy it? I contacted both Interactive Brokers and QuoteTracker, but they each tell me to contact the other because the problem is on the other's end.

    I tried to buy the Nasdaq NQ today via Interactive Brokers using the QuoteTracker software. However, my order was immediately rejected. On QuoteTracker's trade log, the following message was displayed:
    "IB Ord #4 Err #201: Order rejected - reason:No clearing rule found"

    Appreciate all help.

  2. def

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    You are probably using the wrong symbol. Did you try entering the order in directly from the TWS? If that failed, you can point the finger to IB. If it worked, you can figure out what is wrong with your QT entry.
  3. c_verm


    How do you just trade the NASDAQ? I cant seem to get a symbol to work (NQ)
  4. Lucrum


  5. that error is an IB error. NOTE: If you just entered NQ as the symbol in QT trade panel, there is no way that IB would be able to accept that.

    You would need to enter NQM4 as the symbol and specify all the other order fields, or just type in GLOBEX:mad:NQM4 and QT will enter everything as needed.

    I do not know which specific email today was yours. You can PM me with the subject line and I can look at it further.
  6. copa8


    don't think problem was due to incorrect ticker, since i had it displayed on QT as GLOBEX:mad:NQM4 and i double-clicked on the ask field to initiate the long trade. i guess, since QT's displaying/charting the security correctly, the problem might be more on IB's side. will check again with IB and will post here.

  7. If you continue to experience the problem, email us and we will send you instructions on logging what QT is sending. We can then check with IB regarding the exact problem. Without that, IB has no way to know exactly what QT is sending, which is why their support is sending you back to us :)
  8. def

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    the other thing he could do is turn on logging of the audit trail on the TWS to see what/why the order is being rejected.