Problem recovering my funds from Globus Trading LLC

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  1. This message concerns the prop firm Globus Trading LLC

    On August 6 I advice Larissa Milrud that I was closing my account and she replied that my funds would be wired by the end of September. As of today October 5 I haven’t received any of my money.

    Since the date I informed her of my withdrawal she has ignored all of my emails and Skype chats.

    Tried emailing Alex Milrud also and no reply from any of them.

    I can’t get any information out of them concerning when I will get my funds. Their attitude has been unprofessional and uncalled for. Very worrisome.

    Their webpage has no address or phone number to contact them. Does someone know this information.

    Is any other trader out there experiencing or has experienced the same situation.

    I would appreciate any help obtaining their phone number and office address so I can contact them.

    Any advice on how to resolve this bothersome situation will be appreciated.

    Is it any help to report them to the BBB?

    Can they be taken to small claims court from Montreal?

    Trading on itself is hard enough to have someone play these games.
  2. wait for another week or two then decide
  3. zdreg


    read every post about funds and prop shops
    find out if there is a regulatory body who supervises them.
    find out who clears their trades

    give it your best shot and then move on.
  4. To all concerned traders out there.

    Another week gone by and my money has not arrived.

    No reply to my mails to Alex and Larissa Milrud and Larissa doesn’t reply to my Skype messages. Total black out.

    Was told that Globus Trading LLC may be in financial troubles.
    Wouldn’t recommend joining the firm, very obscure.

    Sais a lot about a firm, when they don’t give an address and phone to contact them. Makes it very easy for them to just fall off the map.
  5. Hi Shopster

    Thanks for the link.

    Do you mean the fraud division will help me get my funds back or just will cause them to be investigated.
  6. It says even more about the dummy that sent money to a firm that doesn't "give an address and phone to contact them."

  7. wots worse is..

    when a firms holds your funds because your too profitable and refuses to give your funds back. When CFTC is notified the firm closes shop and locks money up in courts.

    be wary of giving or putting your cash at any firm that has more to gain by going bust.
  8. I opened my account in person at their branch in Montreal. I didn’t send any money to anyone, i have a receit signed by the branch manager.

    At that time their main web page did have address and phone information, they deleted it afterwards.

    The problem started when the Montreal branch closed and had no one to deal with in person.

  9. Their site has a disclaimer clearly stating they are NOT registered with any regulatory body. So basically you're dealing with a private LLC. There are many warning posts on this site about unregistered firms.

    I have no knowledge or connection with this firm, however after a quick Google/Bing search, here are some links which you may find helpful.
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