Probability Theory?

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    Can anyone advice me for a good book if I want to learn PROBABILITY THEORY?
    I really need a basic education book because I have never been good at mathematics, I mean... I really suck at this, so please I don’t need a university book that I don’t now how to read…only a basic book to start with.

  2. Go to the nearest public library and see what they have on the shelves.
  3. Chance by Amir D. Aczel. Very simple, but a nice starter and it will point you to other, more advanced books on the topic. Chance is published by Thunder's Mouth Press.

    Good read!
  4. try the schaum's outlines. they are good
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    I found this book..
    Understanding Probability: Chance Rules in Everyday Life,with H. C. Tijms.
  6. I think what you want to understand in a trading context is STATISTICS and statistical inference. To calculate a priori probability you need to know the selection rules for a physical system, which, alas, we are not gifted with in trading. However, one of the first things you undoubtedly will learn is "tests" of the probability that a particular statistical result is not the result of pure chance. A dirty little secret about trading inference is that in fact you need to know the probability that THAT probability is not due to chance, hahahaha!
  7. Go and look for tutorials on the net... You'll spare a lot of money :)