Probability that S&P will downgrade Obama again next month

Discussion in 'Trading' started by GordonTheGekko, Oct 27, 2011.

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    With the super committee's so-called deadline nearing very close, S&P will be posed to either upgrade, reaffirm or (IMO most likely) downgrade the gov'ts credit rating from the current AA+.

    Given the stark differences in the super committee, along with the enviable moral hazard with politicians, it really does not seem plausible that they will come up with their necessary cuts.

    It seems as though most on the street are forgetting about this, as if it never happened to a certain extent. In the light of all of the pending news today, people should be remembering that the rating was not downgraded to AA+, it was downgraded with a negative outlook, i.e. downgraded and decreasing rapidly!
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    Hm, accidentally posted this twice, sorry.