Probability that Friday's employment numbers will be complete BS?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by bond_trad3r, Jan 8, 2009.

What is the probability that tomorrows numbers are manipulated?

  1. 0-25%

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  2. 26-50%

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  3. 51-75%

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  4. 76-100%

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  5. No one cares about government numbers anyway.

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  1. The Gov can manipulate statistics only so long before people stop listening resulting in a lack of faith in the U.S. financial system due to garbage information making everything impossible to value.

    Will the government realize that being honest in the December jobs number will be beneficial or will it manipulate the numbers making, painting a better picture of the economy?
  2. The BO administration wants things as bad as possible prior to Jan 20. I'm sure they're looking over the shoulder of the Dept of Labor right now to make sure the number prints as bad as possible.
  3. The SERIOUS lying resumes Jan 20?

    You'd think they want the real numbers to continue through the first quarter or two... always have the excuse, "it takes time"...