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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by lacogada, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. lacogada


    I tried 3 times to reply to on the other thread and the board would not accept .... so trying a new thread.


    I opened account with PA approx Oct 09.

    After 2 years of making a little then losing it all again, figured I just was not going to make this work.
    So I was going to close the account and get what was left of my funds back.

    Sent email to usual contact with no reply ... he usually replied same or next day.
    Called phone number on website, no answer.

    That's when I started checking and until then I had no clue PA had been suspended.

    Thanks for all replies and advice.
  2. rmorse

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    What is "PA"?
  3. Filipp72


    Pro Active
  4. lacogada


    ProActive Futures.

    I wanted to add this to a prior thread on ProActive
    but the forum was not showing my replies.

    That was the reason for starting a new thread, just to explain what happened and to thank the others for their replies.