Proactive, Mirus or other?

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  1. Hi Folks.
    My first time posting.
    I will be scalping ES, EC and other. I will probably use Ninja with Zenfire. I've been looking for best rates and reliability. I thought about IB, but they have some negative feedback, especially with Zenfire. In this environment, I am also concerned about the security of funds in my account. I was going to go with Proactive but they have recently had an 80% buyout by a penny stock company. Should that be a concern?
    Any and all comments would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Pro Active is not even in the same league as they are the guys behind Zen Fire so go with them.
  3. Go with Mirus.

    According to your specs, they have everything you need.

    Trade safe.


  4. Mirus and Amp are both IB's for Dorman and so is Proactive.

    Why would any IB be "better" over the other ?!

  5. Since Proactive is an IB , your funds are not with them but with the clearing firm.
    So even when Proactive goes bust, your funds are safe.
  6. Thanks Guys.
    I needed assurance. I just opened an account with Mirus. The person I spoke with at Mirus was Sean. He answered all questions very knowledgeably and made me feel comfortable. That was important to me. Thanks Sean.
    I hope to trade safe this time around and keep "The Idiot" on a tight leash.
    BTW WyckoffTrader, are you by any chance Jim?
    Thanks to all again, for comments. Much appreciated! :)
  7. TransAct aka ProActive direct has some ppl. on their new beta feed, supposed to be as quick as Zen, but it's beta. Zen fire is tried and true, but expensive. Pros and cons. I have been relatively happy with Sierra charts and TA for data and entry, but it's a blink slower than Zen and TT, the old feed that is.
  8. Dorman is the FCM behind the execution and clearing with Zen-fire along with RCG on some additional markets. Mirus is run by Pat S...and he is the Zen-fire technology wizard and than supports the other IB who do us e Zen Fire technology.

    I know as I was an IB a few years ago with him but his guys did such a good job that I just trade now adays with my small trading group and dropped the commish game trying to make .25 a RT but was not worth the time. The margins are so tight that you need massive volume to make anything after the business became so competitive. You need hundreds of thousands of RT to make it worthwhile to take the risks and liabilities as an IB.

    A few years back you could make $1 buck per RT now that is cut by 75%. Pat and his crew are the best I have come across in 10 years of trading .
  9. pat system and mirus are the same people? :confused:
  10. Surdo


    NO relation what so ever, most customers of Mirus use NinjaTrader powered by Zen and clear through either Dorman or RCG.
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