ProActive Futures?

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  1. Has anyone heard or had any positive or negative experiences with ProActive futures?

    RT starting at 4.50
    As low as 500 margin on emini

    Trade Maven platform compatible among several others.

    Thinking of opening an account with them... getting tired of Global Futures... plus I think TMaven can make more order entry process alot easier

  2. Ive used them for a few months now. Not 1 problem. They handle every thing I throw at them, and they have a good price. Good back office too. They answer your questions fast. Go with them.

    I definetly recommend them.
  3. Truff


    I use the Trademaven platform through ProActive. Data feed is excellent and it is very reliable. Best platform i used since X trader. Commissions are very good, they get cheaper with volume. When i need funds, it's always very easy to get. Thumbs up here. Good luck
  4. Have to agree with Truff, seems to be a good outfit to go with, I'm very happy with them so far.

    FYI, Truff (David ) works for Proactive, so I would have been surprised for him to post anything negative. He always answers my calls within 2 or 3 rings, and has been patient with this newbie and all my questions :p

    One time about a month ago I tried calling Trade Maven, but they didn't answer. David tried calling, too, and had the same results, no answer. That was kinda weird. But I didn't worry too much about it cuz if I need someone to manually close down a trade David could do it for me.

  5. Thanks Everyone!

    I guess that's all I need to hear!
  6. don't forget the platform fees.
  7. Blade is right, if you want to use Trade Maven, it costs $49.95 a month. Great platform tho :D
  8. Xenia


    But excellent TradeMaven has now been replaced with excellent Ninja Trader ?
  9. What makes you tired of Global? It seems Proactive offers more platforms. Is Alaron their FCM?
  10. What datafeed, FCM is Proactive using for Trademaven ?

    How many days backfill offers Trademaven ?
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