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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by canody, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. canody


    Dear Traders; Announcing a flexible risk-free plan for both Novice an Professional traders withy a great income potential... interested parties may PM me

  2. Aren't you with Shill Securities in NYC?? They have incredible opportunities right now
  3. He says they have interesting parties in May. That's my favorite time of the year for going to parties, too!
  4. jester

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    If you used the built-in spell checker here on EliteTrader I might have been a little more impressed with your offer..but since you didn't .....I won't be going to your party...:p

  5. You have a problem withy?????:D
  6. up for a good party!

    Please post the address!!

  7. you're sick :p

    can't you see this is his best effort at raising capital:D
  8. It's actually not what you think....I got sent to a gold coin and currency trading site......I felt like i was at ' the money show"
  9. Magna

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    If you are interested then please PM canody. There will not be posting of site links as part of recruitment. Thanks.
  10. So, it's about newmissmattocks, to phrase a coin. . .
    #10     Apr 10, 2003