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  1. What do people know of this company?
    There website says there are many different tracts you can take, and one is where they will back you without you having to put up any money....

    Has anyone done this? Heard from someone who has?
  2. Anyone? This is a chicago based firm
  3. Name - link to it... ?

    Look at the programs section of it. I've been in conversations with them and asked many times if I would be required to put up my own capitol or re-imburse education fees...the answer has been no.
    Still think it's a little sketchy though, but if it's free and I can get any experience whatsoever, is it still a bad idea?
  5. This seems to be the problem:


    My guess is, you pay money for the "education" and a very few get funded. Anyway, it seems highly unrealistic. If it smells fishy, it probably is...
  6. Yes, have them DEFINE the above quote exactly and then i think the fish will float to the surface and i am betting... along with the dead smell...

  7. Has anyone had a positive experience with a type of firm like this? Where they actually train you and you trade with their capitol without making any deposit.

    It's very possible they are setting me up but I've filled out an application and had a 30 minute phone interview with them saying they would get back to me as to whether or not I'd be selected for the program where I would not be risking anything

    Has anyone else had this experience with a firm like this?
  8. i am sure that the deal is a STINKER... but vendor scum know there is enough desparation and blind hope out there that these lousy deals always will reel in some good people just wanting a fair deal who will follow these pond scum BLINDLY!!!!!!
  9. Okay i FOUND THIS on web forum...

    """Sadly (but perhaps not surprisingly), this is not a good a deal as their website makes out. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is...

    I signed up for the course in the interests of trading their capital. The training materials are very amateurish and clearly put together in a hurry and without much attention to detail. There's nothing in any of their "teaching" materials that you can't learn elsewhere on the web for free. The "successful strategies and techniques" that they teach is just a momentum-based scalping technique. It's easy to say how great it is with the benefit of hindsight, using historical charts showing where you should have entered and exited. Oh, and you have to make a minimum of 500 pips a month for them to go up a level on their profit sharing table. If you make less than 250 pips in a month, you'll go down a level. Plus you start off with only £1500 equity, so you need to have several good months in a row before you can make any real money at all from this.

    If you can consistently make 500pips+ per month, then this may be worth a go for you. However, if you can already do that, i'm not sure why you wouldn't just trade your own account...

    A brilliant business for Regan and his cronies - because they still get your sign-up ££££s even if you never make any money using their system. Be wary.

    Not sure yet if they'll pay out if I can hit those targets. We'll see."""

    end quote... ***************

    I found this by putting the name of the guy into google - do so in the future to find info... :confused:
  10. Seems about what I said above. "Select traders." It is about as real as a store having sales "up to 90%" off. There is one table of 90% off stuff - and it is broken, dirty returns that no one could ever get fixed... Everything else is normal prices to 10-20% off (ignoring clearance items).

    They know how to push the buttons. Beware anyone with a staff of MS and Ph.D. marketers who spend 60 hours a week each trying to figure out how to part you from your money, while TECHNICALLY staying with the law.
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