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    Traders that wear gloves is a subject i have been interested in writting about for a few years now. Its a topic many traders refuse to talk about due to a variety of factors. A very well known trader I have met wears white gloves but when i ask what the reason is he simply changes the subject and offers to buy me a cup of coffee which i always accept. Another trader we will call "Hank" wears construction type gloves when working his magic on his Anvil trading platform. I must admit,I have been rather intrigued by this and for good reason i suppose. Perhaps these madmen have something to prove or maybe something else is going on here. Could these gloves provide them with the security and self confidence they need to pull the trigger?> to actually go through with what the MACD or 20 dma is telling them? We may never know but i can promise you,I will try my hardest to find out. Whether its the fellow from Connecticut who wears hockey gloves or the more advanced trader who simply prefers mittens, trading has evolved in such a way that no one particular personality can predict who will be the next "Biff Jones".
    Biff whom I'm sure all of you already know and admire,has been momentum trading with bright yellow crossing guard gloves for years and his consistency shows it. Biff is also a champion pin ball player and has won many prestigious awards for his community service such as building a new mailbox for an elderly woman who was recovering from a snake bit sustained while she was gardening. anyway,I'm not saying we should all go out and buy ski gloves with the hopes of improving our trading but i will tell you this: It would'nt hurt !
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    my mouse gets dirty :eek:
  3. JK.......LOL!!! :D

    Wearing gloves while trading seems a bit over the top imo.....LOL!
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    wearing gloves stops them from picking their noses
  5. I wear medical latex gloves myself. I did notice it helps with trading
  6. ......and BOTTOMS! :eek:

    :D :p :D
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    now THIS is a glove

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    look how turned on it gets girls

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  8. Man, this site gets crazier all the time.
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    I know it sounds silly but maybe it's because it adds a level of a "job" feel to it. Like you are a professional surgeon or construction worker working with dangerous things like nails and body parts, etc.

    You end up not only taking it more seriously like a real job but you are much more cautious. That's the main reason people where gloves, to protect themselves and be cautious.
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