pro trader "cocaine"

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  1. you have to watch the first 2 minutes. i think this is how he starts off his trading day.
  2. I'm flattered that you took the time to start an entire thread about me, I cant say that I think highly enough of you to ever do that :D
  3. Lol, I blew a couple lines tonight....F'n G-MENNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

    I ended got lost in F'n Hackensack getting to the party. NY HOOD, don't you live in Jersey.....I was near Ridgefield tonight...Got lost in Hackensack getting to party. God, I will be hung over tomorrow....Might have to chase the dragon!
  4. haha pumper,you need a valium to get to sleep tonight my friend.with all the money you been makin lately,i bet you had all uncut shit straight from washington heights. i am about 20 minutes from there.
  5. bathrobe


    Some will do anything to get on TV
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