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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Sanity, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. Sanity


    does anyone know of any prop firms in the NYC area that focus on trading futures?
  2. sammybea


    why would you want to trade at a futures firm? What could they provide you since capital and margin should not be a concern compare to stocks?
  3. we have been concentrating on mostly futures lately...They are more of a "EDGE"
  4. some of the clearing firms in nyc

    on the various exchanges to see if you have what it takes

    to work there?

    good luck !
  5. nitro


    Chicago is probably the best place for this...

  6. Yeah, Chi-town rocks!!!

    But they have no training... it's either you can trade or you can't... simple as that...
  7. Echotrade is building a futures desk, check them out.
  8. Sanity


    thanks for the info, i've been trading for awhile, the last prop place i worked at was schonfeld, great equity desks, esp. for nyse. not much focus on futures though. futures have shown a lot of promise lately, thats why i have been more interested in finding a firm that trades them. perhaps the online trading expo next month will be a good place to see how many firms, and in what capacity, will focus more on futures.
  9. cheeks


    Apparently I am missing something. Why trade futures at a prop firm? You can get all the leverage you want on the retail side, so what advantage is gained at a prop firm?

    Thanks to anyone willing to enlighten me.

  10. I've also wondered about this. I guess some people may be looking for a prop firm to that would take the risk.

    The amount of leverage available for day trading futures is more than you would want (many brokerages offer 4X the standard leverage required for overnight trades, and 2x is standard pretty much everywhere). This is definitely enough to hang yourself with.

    I believe transaction costs would also be much lower going retail. Not sure how a prop firm could make money otherwise.


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