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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by stewbacca, Jun 17, 2002.

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    Im an experienced trader looking for a pro firm in austin, does anyone know what pro firms are in austin?
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    well im kind of in the same boat as you are, ive been trying to find pro firms in austin for the last few days. i've stumbled upon a good article in active trader which has a nice list of the prop firms , and there is one called protrader which is in austin. heres the link,


    best of luck!
  3. The Zone is the prop spinoff from protrader. Check them out.
  4. Prop firms in Austin have roiled over the last year. Zone (ex of Protrader) went through some turmoil. Owner changed contracts and best traders walked. He fired the CEO and replaced him with a CPA, who had been the CFO for only a couple of months, and is without much if any trading experience. They took a bunch of space in a building, but suspended, sidelined (or something) recruiting.

    Hold brothers was downtown but just recently walked their lease.

    There have been similar threads on Elite about the dearth of firrms here. Ol' Don even chimed in with an offer to set up a satellite (surprise!).

    What happend to the Zone stars that walked?

    There are traders here who would be interested in the right operation. It is an interesting customer community. Has anyone asked --- What are the top ten things that a prop firm needs to do to attract, recruit and retain top and developing traders?
  5. Andover now has an office in Austin with experienced traders.

    Let me know if you need information.
  6. I think protrader does.
  7. Interesting, because Austin was a hub for daytraders, no? You could always go remote from NY.

    some great guitar players in Austin, however.
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    yeah right!!!! i fell for that BS a few years ago....can't depend on them...cost me a bundle!!!!!
  9. South-by-Southwest! Antone's! Austin is awesome, I had the pleasure of growing up there.

    SRV forever! If you have to ask whose initials those are, you do not know great guitar players.

    Chasinfla, did you see my photo of me on stage in austin playing my guitar? I attached it if you haven't seen it.

    Check out - he is my high school buddy about to break out.

  10. I fell for it.

    Hey, NelsonNorwood is a good friend. Double Trouble played backup on his debut CD.

    Also, I'm a big fan of Chris Taylor (, but I think he's from San Antone.

    My classical guitar instructor was Adam Holzman, who started the classical program at UT Austin. He's one of the very best (don't ask me how I wound up as his student). He used to live infla.
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