Pro Firm Threats ?

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  1. Have you ever been threatened by a pro firm for leaving for another firm?

    (I am not saying I have or have not been threatened by a firm for leaving. This is a HYPOTHETICAL situation that I am describing.)
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    yes, but I was also part owner of the office that was leaving. I was also a lawyer so I reviewed my documents and made sure I wasn't breaching any of my obligations. You should review your contract and try not to breach any of the obligations. Eventually, if you are contractually tied down you should seek a lawyer, there could be lots of things to consider, including whether you were backed and trained in exchange for your commitment vs whether you have a right to not be an indentured servant. If you do have obligations in the end it will all come down to money because they really can not force you to make trades or sit in their office.

    What I find really interesting is that I am currently aware of some interesting information, that I have been asked not to reveal, but the same person may be holding you down that once wanted to hold me down. However, my situation was actually pretty clear cut and the person on the other person in the end did remain very business like.
  3. who would that (edited "businesslike person/firm") be?
  4. I wonder how many pages Nitro will predict for this thread
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  6. candletrader,

    which firm are you currently trading with right now? and to which firm are you moving to? i'm asking because i want to join a pro firm and would like some opinions. as such, if you could tell me the reasons for your move, it would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
  7. I will PM you. Thank you very much for stepping forward. I am just a trader backed myself never trained just wanted to leave and the firm is apparently affected by my 300 share trades so much that I have received threats. I only started with the firm a few months ago also. I am worried that they are going to "keep my money forever" and "ruin my U-4" form.
  8. I am afraid to answer your questions.
  9. I am going to take the advice of JEM above and speak to an attorney. If I get the go ahead, I am going to come forward with everything that has transpired because I have done nothing wrong.

    How would you handle this, expose or not?
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    I do not predict threads that have honest, and or humble questions in them.

    This thread is worthwhile...

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