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  1. Anyone know of a current live room run by a pro scalper where the focus is on moment-to-moment descretionary trading?
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    Most serious traders do not desire to have any interruptions during trading hours. I don't know any vendor who has ever demonstrated an ability to scalp ES successfully with an audited track record.

    There is however a free web chat hosted at ETFProphet. Seems like a serious group of traders... no affiliation

    As an aside, I do focus exclusively on the ES and provide instruction but only via subscription newsletters, published after market hours.
  3. I don't really understand why people want to scalp the ES these days, it moves like a sloth and especially so since mid December. My impression is if you're scalping it can't be for much more then 3-4 ticks, and if that's what you're trying to do how could you have time to post trades in a chat room. Anyways futurestrader71 doesn't scalp but he does trade by discretion and his "volume profiling" method seems sound enough. I know he does a chat room but it's only for clients of his brokerage (vankar trading). I don't have much experience with vankar but he is legit.
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    If you're looking for someone to mimic their trades as a won't be possible due to the very nature of scalping.

    In contrast, if you're looking to learn what methods and resources that scalpers are using...there are a few good scalpers on the Financialchat server and Othernet server. They don't post all their trades but they do post a few per day whenever they have time to do such. Yet, most of their trades aren't posted because it's just not possible due to the nature of scalping itself.
  5. Perspective from a relatively new guy...

    The ES is terrible for intraday trading as it is (since 2009), so really forget about scalping.

    With 1 tick of commissions/fees and 1-2 ticks of profit, scalping is very difficult because if your system breaks down, or if the market reverses on a large time frame, you will almost instantly blow up.

    Scalping as a retailer is not really possible. You need to be working at an institution with more man power, hardware and lower costs to deal with this.

    Intraday is equally if not more profitable, and certainly brings less stress.
  6. First of all, who in their right mind even almost wants to subject themselves to that kind of brain damage? Sitting there hunched over a keyboard like buzzards on a gut-wagon in the hot summer sun, waiting for something almost dead to wriggle or twitch so you can chicken-pick away for mere scraps?

    With the VIX at 18ish and holding, that's a miserable existance for earning pennies at best. Oh it sounds sexy and glamorous and empowering and exciting and all those other emotional tweaks that have nothing to do with trading for money. But once you subject yourself to that attempted trading style, you will soon realize it just plains sucks.

    Much more fun, relaxing and rewarding to hit the TF, CL or 6E once or thrice a day for $500 to $1,000 per contract swings while you surf the web, make breakfast or handle phone calls as the trades unfold thru their execution. Then shut off the screens, get up, walk away and enjoy the hell out of the rest of your day!
  7. Ditto !!
  8. You got it! I would also add the DAX to that list if you're up early.
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    The Emini ES futures is one of the most advertised, marketed trading instruments by brokers, data providers, blogs, twitter and forum discussions et cetera.

    That's the primary reason why most newbie traders will navigate to the S&P Emini ES futures. It's a flawed mentality because many traders assumed that if a trading instrument is not one of the popular forum discussion trading instrument or isn't as liquid or has higher margin must be more difficult to trade.

    The goal is to make money but some traders prefer to be hanging out with the popular kids that everybody wants to be like.
  10. Not appearing anyone out there is doing this. When this spot is owned, no stress or mimic exits. Thanks for input. RP
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