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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Eddiefl, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. Eddiefl


    Hey guys,

    I found a new chatroom/site run by a pretty experienced trader. So far, so good. He narrates throughout the day and he has a good grasp of the market.

    I've been trading 7-8 years and this seems like the real deal or at least one of the better quality rooms out there.

    No crazy boasting and no guru crap.

    If you are looking for a decent room, you may want check it out. especially for newbs, something like this would of helped me out, big time.

    Does anybody got any feedback on this site,??


  2. Surdo


    This should be interesting, he is a MODERATOR of this site!

    I wonder why EddieFL is not in the room???

    Too much "Chaos" Eddie?
  3. Sushi


    No need for that garbage basement momma boyloser webbusiness. Get your info from the only real chatter of the pros direct from trading floors from mouth of real realtime traders. Not fancy chart drawers and dreamers.

    Traders take heed !!!
  4. dealmaker


    Why would anyone go and pay $300/month?
  5. lpchad


    Great place to learn and observe. No gurus, calls or crap there
  6. Sushi


    problem is it's not real pro chatter. Just some lonely guys sitting at home. Just look at those guys sitting in there basements looking for friends on the Internet. It simply isn't real pros just pretend. The one guy even plays you a song on the electro gitar. Funny funny funny! Keep em coming!
  7. drSteele


    I am in the afforementioned room, and find it professional and helpful. I am not the moderator, and am not a lonely guy in my basement. If you cannot be constructive, be silent Sushi.
  8. drSteele


    People pay a lot more for less imo.
  9. Sushi


    don't know nuttin about you. But just look at the pictures of those guys. Lonely guys sitting in basements playing on simulators and guitars. Look at the utube videos one even play you a song plus it's obvious simulator trading if you look at the screen and know the software
  10. Surdo


    The owner of that site is Elite's own CHAOSNSX!
    #10     Mar 31, 2009
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