Private sector much more incompetent than Big Govt.

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    Im tired of hearing how bad govt is and how great private enterprise is.The private sector is incompetent and we have witnessed over the last 30 yrs the disastrous republican,freemarket nonsense that was unleashed on us has created more economic crises and financial collapses in a such a short time span than any other period in our history(banking,currency,housing,energy-multiple times)

    Its so funny how people call the private sector infallible and the govt as terrible.
    Its the govt that makes the infrastructure of this country work properly.They do a mch better job of it than the private sector ever could.I would not want the private sector touching any of our essential services.The private contractors in iraq overbilled the govt 10x and more what the govt can do the job for.Look at the healthcare scam.How they rip us off.
    Before reaganomics you could raise a family on 1 income and own a house.Quality of life has gone way down under voodoo freemarket policies.

    Just look at how wall st and the banks totally blew up/robbed our financial system and then came grovelling on their knees begging for the govt to bail them out.
    Wow,the private sector embracing socialism:privatize profits,socialize losses.What a fraud.
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    Years ago I had access to a study showing just how inefficient the private sector was compared to government but I lost it and don't remember where I got it. Still it's noteworthy that such a study was made; all this "privatism is everything good" pigswill blinds people to the truth.
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    im not saying all business is saying that todays business model is a based on fraudulent schemes.For example:LEVERAGE,Subsidies,and lo and behold, getting massive contracts from the big bad govt.
    Where would the agriculture or military industry be without govt subsidies and contracts?
    Where or where would we be if the govt hadnt bailed out the banks last winter?And how do they thank us taxpaayers?They jack up credit card rates and bank fees and foreclose as much as they can.

    The business ethos of the freemarket advocates over the last 30yrs has been get the govt and taxpayers to foot the bill and then sell the product back to them at exhorbitant profits.Sounds like freemarketeers are practicing extreme socialism.
  4. Yeah its the USPS that is kicking ass and UPS and Fed Ex are the ones who suck. That makes sense.
  5. Why do I have to screen for illegal immigrants when I hire someone? I didn't open a business to be a cop, rat, or nazi AND do this for free and if I don't I can get fined.

    Don't I already pay for border patrol?
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    I can promise you this:the usps is much more competent than wall st,bank america,and the whole financial industry that destroyed this country.

    BTW,if ups or fedex ran our mail system they would jack rates every 6months and charge 2bucks a letter and they wouldnt deliver to all the rural redneck areas of the country.Not profitable for them or wall st.That is why you need govt entities to ensure essential service is 'delivered' to everyone.
  7. Many of the former national industries in UK have had to be bailed out countless times by government because of fiscal ineptitude and inefficiency of their private owners. I think we have all worked with or for at some point companies whose fiscal incompetence knew no bounds.
  8. If you're trying to sway my stance against government-run anything but military, you're out of luck, bumpkin.
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