Private-sector jobs up 189,000 in November, ADP says

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  1. WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) - Hiring in the U.S. private sector expanded at a faster pace in November, according to the ADP employment report released Wednesday. Private payrolls grew by 189,000 in November following a revised 119,000 gain in October, ADP said. The report suggest the labor market remains a source of strength in the economy. The increase is well above economists expectations for job growth of only 60,000 in November. The Labor Department will release the unemployment report on Friday.

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  2. I just bought 2,000 cans of beans and soup the other day, I was just about to disappear in my basement bunker until the apocalypse the bond markets were pricing in was over. And now what? :confused:
  3. Yeah right. Like no inflation . Every thing is great here in the USA . The markets tell the truth not the govt. Here in Florida business are cutting staff and not much hiring going on. For the first time in years you see empty retail stores on the main road and the help wanted ad only a couple of pages
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