Private placements and the SEC - Help needed

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Imagine, Jun 30, 2005.

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    I have done a search on what are the requirements for private placements to be filed with the SEC, and still not confidant that I understand the basics

    anyone have a link to a source that can provide some insight into this topic?

    any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. source: Google.

    State statutes probably mirror SEC regs so call a local securities lawyer and tap him for a consultation. Or get a private placement memorandum and read it. The SEC doesn't have jurisdiction over private placements -- by definition. They cover public offerings. But they define what they consider to be private offerings.

    (am I right on this?)

    You can probably get a lawyer to draw one up for a grand.
  3. Imagine


    but that is also part of the problem

    I asked the exact same question about a private placement deal and one local attorney said they must file and the other said that they do not have to file - showed them both copies of the issued PR

    perhaps i wasn't specific enough - when i say sec i mean an 8k filing or something similiar

    thanks for the response
  4. gnome


    You can contact the SEC and then can send you literature about what is required.

    The SEC DOES regulate private placements in the sense that if you offer one which does not comply with the regs you'll be in trouble when they find out about them. Your Broker-Dealer will be responsible for assuring compliance and Due Diligence.

    Private Placements are always a very sticky issue with the SEC. I suggest you not cut corners. By all means, consult an attorney who specializes in such offerings.

    If you are not a RR sponsored by a Broker-Dealer, you're out of luck.