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    Something to keep in mind if sending sensitive information, here is an excerpt from ET's privacy policy:

    "Private Messaging
    Your account will allow you to access our "Private Messaging" system. Although this system allows you to contact other members directly without your messages being publicly viewable by all site visitors, your private messages are openly accessible to Administrators of our site. Your private messages may be accessed at any time for the purposes of site administration, legal inquiries, or investigating your account for violations of our member conduct rules."
  2. There's advantages and disadvantages to such.

    One of the obvious advantage is when someone saids you said something via private message that's completely untrue or intentionally taken out of context.

    I've seen members and two particular moderators do such.

    If it wasn't for the member saving the pm...the other member or moderator that said something occurred...

    Usually they back down from the statement if the member threatens to reveal the pm or threatens to have Baron read the pm knowing Baron has access to it.

  3. romik


    I don't agree with PMs being available to mods, I understand your point of view though. I was simply trying to outline the fact that PMs do not offer privacy in its true meaning.
  4. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    PM is not being available to mod

    there is a world of diff between mod and admin.

    ps. just want to point out this site is run with integrity, that's all.
  5. romik


    Fair enough, though I don't see a difference between a moderator & an administrator. It still means that PMs offer partial privacy. Use e-mail when sending sensitive information.
  6. You are using free forum tools hosted on a computer that doesn't belong to you. You should not have any expectation of privacy.

  7. No electronic messaging is private. There are plenty of "legitimate" and illegitimate snoopers reading your messages and your email.

    If you want some privacy you need to use an encryption tool like PGP. You can probably stick an install onto a memory stick if you're using public machines.

    It works fine with ETs PMs as well.