Private Lines vs MPLS?

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    Hey Guys,

    I sell wireless telecom by day and developed a nascent understanding of data networking solutions (landline).

    Specifically, old generation network architecture like 'private lines' and 'atm' were sold as truly private (unbreakable) data transmission networks.

    Current generation network protocol - like IP VPN or MPLS - are sold as 'private' networks, but, in my understanding, push data over the internet - albeit encrypted.

    As a wireless sales guy, my technical understanding is limited to the reductionist talking-points and buzz words pushed by instructors.

    So im inable to differentiate between sales propaganda and technical fact.

    My question centers around Private Lines versus "Private" IP VPN (MPLS)?

    Are either truly private? If so, how? Also, how can MPLS be private if data is routed over the internet (encrypted)?

    Ive been told MPLS is private because data is routed over our telcos "private internet backbone". Is this just BS or what?

    The purpose here is to explore a truly private data networking solution between my trading computer and broker. :)
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    mpls means they carve out a piece of their network just for you. It runs side-by-side with their other connections but it isn't connected to them. Think of them giving you your own private lane on a highway with no on and off ramps for anyone else. It is truly private if setup correctly.
  3. When you order MPLS service from a carrier; your data is run over their private network rather then the public internet. You are however sharing the carrier's private MPLS network with all of the other companies that use if for private service. There are very strict controls are in place for MPLS so your traffic will not be mis-routed to another company. (For example, the traffic for Coke will never be mis-directed to Pepsi on the MPLS private network).

    The MPLS network also keeps your traffic safe from be looked at from the public. Your traffic is not out on the "Internet" so nobody (besides the carrier) can sniff it and grab your data.

    - Greg
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    Thanks guys. Great answers.

    So MPLS is in fact private.

    Now, private in the sense it co-mingles with other private MPLS traffic that runs alongside it.

    Does this pose much of a threat in terms of vulnerability/security? I imagine not.

    Why dont more traders use a private dedicated network? Ignorance? And brokers are not equipped to support it?